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BarraFit Performance BootCamp

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Performance BootCamp Begins in June

Balance, Speed, Flexibility,and strength are essencial qualities for serious and aspiring martial artists. While during regular classes you will develop all these things, they are not the primary focus of training. To help you take you improve your overall fitness level so you can do even better on the regular Jiu-Jitsu classes, we will be adding a special Fitness BootCamp during the month of June.

Training Routine

We are putting together a training routine inspired on what is called “Mat Work-Out”. This is the way most BJJ athletes trained for competition in the old days. Using minimum equipment, body weight exercises and partners drills you will get in the type of shape you need for Jiu-JItsu. The good news is that even of you don’t train BJJ you can benefit from it. Classes are fun and challenging and way more effective than going to the gym by yourself.

Starting your Day Right

The GB Dana Point Fitness BootCamp will be from 7am to 8am. Mornings are proven to be the best time of the day to get a good workout because you have more energy and your hormones help you perform better. We will meet every tuesday and thursday for the whole month of June to push each other to a great shape and go on with our days energized and feeling great.


The cost to join the GB Dana Point Fitness Performance BootCamp is 69.99 for non GB Students. If you are a GB Student enrolled on the advanced program, you pay 19.99 dollars. If you are a GB Students enrolled on the Fundamentals Program you pay only 39.99 extra dollars.

For GB Students enrolled on the black belt program, there is no extra charge.



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